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LED Lighting

Warehouse LED Lighting

We offer a variety of industrial LED high bay fixtures which all use UL Mean Well drivers. Depending on the application, our high bays are rectangular, round (UFO) or square. Our LED high bays are also recognized as best suited for cooler type of warehouses such as flower growers.Our LED high bays come in wattage’s from 70w up to 300w + watts.

LED Lighting

Flat LED Panels

Brite LED offers the latest in stylish LED panel lights, with our 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ panels being the most popular. Elegant, they also can save up to 50% in energy cost and last much longer than the dated looking troffers which require constant changing of the tubes. Our panels can be hung using kits, recessed mounted or even surface mounted depending on the application. UL, our panels are the highest quality on the market and won’t vary in color as many of the less expensive versions might due over time.

LED Lighting

Down Lights

Our Brite LED down lights are the ideal retrofit solution for retrofits and new construction. Traditional down light fixtures are no longer as practical as compared to energy efficient LED down lights. Our down lights are commercial grade and come in various sizes, wattage’s and shapes.

LED Lighting

LED Tubes

We always have in stock the latest in UL LED tube lights. Low-cost, high quality our LED tubes come in 2′-ft, 3′-ft, 4′-ft, 5′-ft and 8′-ft tubes. Most of our tubes come with power at one end, although we can source other options as needed. We also stock “Cronos” which is our private label tube which also works as a fixture. It can be hung as is without having to wire, and the Cronos can be connected together by up to 5 tubes, 4’-ft sections. Our Cronos also comes in 2’-ft and 3’-ft sizes and are ideal for under the counter lighting applications. .

UL Listed LEDs

UL LED Lights

We offer UL certified LED lights so you can always be assured of the quality of our lights. Many companies sell LED lights, most are sold on low price but often they don’t last through the warranty period, if a warranty is even offered.

High Quality LEDs

Conveniently Located

We moved our location several years ago to make it easier for contractors who need electrical supplies to pick them up from electrical supply houses on our block, then stop in Brite LED to buy their lights.

Best LED Warranty

Wholesale Distributors

Our growth and enabled us to offer the lowest wholesale prices for LED lighting in South Florida. Our loyal customers, which are our most valuable asset to our business, help us build volume which in turn allows us to keep our cost the lowest in South Florida–with always high quality LEDs.

Fast, Friendly Service

Where Customers come First!

We value each of our customers, which is a testament to our tremendous growth over the last 5 years. Friendly, knowledgeable service and the lowest prices in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach (our service area) counties. Our customers always are first which is why we work hard to fulfill their every request no matter how small their project is.

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