Our Company

Brite LED Lighting is based in South Florida and we have built our business on bringing value to the commercial LED lighting market. The “Value” we bring is based on fast service, low prices, high quality UL LEDs and having stock on site to serve local contractors and supply houses we work with. Experienced in the LED industry, we’ve learned over the last 5 years what it takes to make a successful LED wholesale distribution business in South Florida. We serve customers mainly from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys, and even work with customers outside of the state of Florida.

We carefully screen the manufacturers we work with to ensure our LED lights are both reliable, UL (Underwrites Laboratory) which enables us to offer a strong warranty, up to 7 years for some of our LED lighting products.

Our reputation for delivering the latest and most reliable products has helped the company build a customer list that includes healthcare companies, gas and service stations, parking facilities and large commercial and industrial companies, all of which have recognized the benefits of replacing existing lighting with LEDs.

The adoption of LED is happening on two fronts. Manufacturers have seen the trend for more energy efficient lighting and are committing significant resources in research, design and manufacturing. Fluorescent lighting is already being phased out around the world and the United States, Canada, Malaysia and South Korea are set to phase out fluorescent lighting in 2014. This phase out means there is tremendous growth potential for the LED industry.

LED lighting is not new, or cutting-edge technology, it’s been around for years, however it’s now becoming more popular as energy cost of risen and the prices for LED’s have dropped and every business is looking to reduce overhead cost, especially because of the shrinking economy over the last 5 years. LED makes a powerful case since the ROI (return on investment) is usually within 2 years, and in facility which operates 24/7 the payback can be less than 1 year. The enormous potential for electricity conservation through LEDs will further help drive revenues in the industry. When savings average between 50 and 80 percent of energy costs compared to conventional lighting our LED products are a sound investment for any business.

Our company has a strong background in LED lighting and realize that our customers expect a high level of service which is always something we continually strive to do and improve on. Brite LED sells to the wholesale market, electrical contractors and works with property management companies. We also export our LED products internationally, especially the Caribbean and Latin America.